Marcos Ayala
    Artistic Director -Dancer

    Amazingly young talent, and yet world champion of Tango in Japan
    when he was only 16 years old.
    Marcos has now a vast international career in Asia, Europe, North
    America,  the Caribbean and  Latin America and extensive formation
    in  prestigious dance schools.  Marcos has studied Direction and
    Production and has participated in the  Cirque de Soleil and also as a
    guest  movie choreographer and member of the Bajo Fondo Tango
    Club.  In 2012 Marcos had a very successful season as a main dancer
    with Mora Godoy at the Presidente Alvear Theater in Buenos Aires  
    with  the amazing tango show Chantecler.  In 2013, he has toured
    throughout Europe for a 4 month period with Tango Pasion  ending in
    Russia where he joined Mora Godoy  for a brief season in the region.  
    At the same time, Marcos is in charge of the artistic direction of his
    own company, Tango Lovers where he is also the main dancer.
Mercedes Fariña & Rodrigo Fleitas

Mercedes started as a contemporary and classical dancer in Buenos Aires and Montevideo,
and with companies from the USA, Mexico and Spain.  She was awarded first prize in the IX
Latin American Dance Contest organized by the Latin America Association of Dance in
Rodrigo has  a strong background in classical and folkloric dances. He has professionally
represented Uruguay in several international activities and has danced in Italy, Spain, United
States, Argentina, Chile and Brazil. He was the 2010 National Tango Champion in Uruguay,
being one of the finalists in the World Championship.
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Mora Godoy
Guest Star - Dancer

Mora Godoy was formed as a classic dancer at the Instituto de Arte of
the Colon Theater in Buenos Aires, Argentina.   Mora Godoy is a
synonym of “tango ballet”.  Her beginnings represent  a milestone in
tango dance,  a “before” and  “after”.   Given  her devotion for Tango,
her classical roots and her sensuality,  Mora is considered by the critics
and public as the “most remarkable and important Tango dancer and
choreographer  in Argentina”.  She has successfully traveled around the
world as director and protagonist of her show “Tanguera”.  She has
received several awards and recognitions for her artistic path and
important achievements.   Her most recent musical Chantecler Tango
has been a total success during the entire 2012 season at Presidente
Alvear Theater in Calle Corrientes, Buenos Aires, being  greatly
acclaimed by the press and audience.  Mora Godoy is without  doubt,  
the Queen of Tango,  a “Tango Lover.”
                                        Ivana Ayala & Fernando Campos

Ivana began dancing folk dances at the age of 4 and later at 9 years old,  she started her affair with
Tango. She has participated in many shows of Calle Corrientes in Buenos Aires and for the last 5 years
she directs one of the most prestigious academies of tango in Japan, Tokyo Tango City.
Her International tours with prestigious tango companies include countries in Europe, Asia and Latin
America and has professionally  developed as a choreographer, teacher and dancer.
Fernando Campos has all the expertise and flavor of  Río de la Plata due to his long career with Tango.
He has professionally toured in his native Brazil and in Europe and has recently participated as a cast  
member of "Sabor a Tango" in Buenos Aires.

               Nair Schinka & Nicolas Schell

    Nair y Nicolas were among the first places in the 2012
    World Tango Championship in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
    Nair and Nicolas have traveled around the world with major
    companies like La Esquina e Carlos Gardel, Estampas
    Porteñas, Tango and Mora Godoy, among others. They
    have worked in the most recognized tango houses such as
    Señor Tango, Tango Porteño, Tango and are currently
    working in el Viejo Almacen, one of the tango houses with
    more history in Argentina.
    Graciela Calo & Sergio Diaz

Graciela was formed with classical ballet, jazz
and Tango with worldwide renowned masters
and started her professional career with her
father’s orchestra Armando Calo, with the
Argentinean company Tango Revue which
traveled to the USA, Ecuador, Costa Rica and
Spain.  She soon became the show’s
choreographic director.  She toured around the
world with Tango Pasion for 9 consecutive
years.    Graciela has been a member of
important Tango houses in Argentina  and
toured in Asia with Tango 2000, and in Italy with
Juan Carlos Copes.  She is currently a member
of Mora Godoy’s company. Sergio has a
background in jazz and contemporary dance.
Participated in the University of Buenos Aires
Ballet,  worked in Complejo Tango and at the
corner of Homer Manzzi.  He has also toured in  
Europe and  Asia. Sergio currently integrates
the company's Mora Godoy.
Marcos Ayala
Alfredo Lerida
Tango Lovers
Enamorados del Tango
Tango dance
Tango Music
Paola Camacho

    She was part of Leonardo Cuello company and is
    now part of the stable cast of Tango Pasión
    company. She has toured through Europe and Asia.
    Currently Paola is an aerial dancer at a very popular
    house of tango in Buenos Aires: Señor Tango.
Tere Sanchez Terraf

    Tere studied at the best dance schools in the USA.  
    She attended Julliard, Joffey Ballet School and
    STEPS on Broadway.  She has performed at the
    most prestigious stages of the world and she is
    currently a stable prima ballerina at Tango Lovers.