Federico Britos
    Musical Director - Violin

    Born in Uruguay,  six times Grammy award winner, Federico Britos, the titan of the violin, has built a
    solid reputation throughout his vast career performing with such great musicians as Dizzy Gillespie,
    Duke Ellington, Nat King Cole an many others. Federico has written and recorded many works for
    orchestra, chamber ensembles, ballet and dance. He has composed danzones, sones, boleros,
    tangos, jazz pieces, concerts, suites and bossa novas.   He has also written music for jingles, films,
    TV and theater. Federico would, in time, not only perform with some of Latin America's greatest
    musicians, such as Astor Piazzolla, Bola de Nieve, Bebo Valdes and Israel Lopez Cachao, but would
    have the opportunity to share his outstanding talent with artists such as Charlie Byrd or Charlie
    Haden.  Federico began playing violin at age five and has served as principal chair, soloist and
    ultimately Concertmaster with great symphony orchestras of many countries. He has performed with
    great musicians such as Cachao, Jose Feliciano, Nestor Torres, Juan Luis Guerra and Gloria
    Alvaro Hagopián
    Musical Director - Piano

    Pianist, Orchestra Director and  Arrenger.
    Alvaro started his musical studies when he was
    5 years old in the conservatory of music and
    later in the  Escuela Universitaria de Música.  
    Director of several Philarmonic and Symphonic
    Orchestras, has toured internationally through
    different countries such as Egypt, Austria,
    Brasil, Argentina, Perú.  Since 2006, he directs
    the Philarmonic Orchestra of Montevideo and
    has been awarded in 2007 with the Morosoli
    award, the highest cultural recongnition in
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    Gustavo Casenave

    Originally from Montevideo, Uruguay, Gustavo Casenave , pianist, composer ,
    musical Director,  and current Director of the Jazz Department at the Harbor
    Conservatory for the Performing Arts in New York City, is considered by the
    Uruguayan press as  “ one of the best pianist our country has” (Diario El Pais –
    Uruguay). An active performer in the jazz and classical world, as well as being the
    one of the most on demand Tango composer -  pianist- educator, in the US he
    graduated  graduating with honors from Berklee College of Music where he was
    selected among the ten best composers coming out from Berklee in 30 years.
    Gustavo is currently a guest artist for master classes and lectures at The Juilliard
    School, and  Director of the Jazz Department at the Harbor Conservatory in New
    York City . He also taught at: NYU, Yale University , Eastman School of Music,
    University of Florida , University of Uruguay , and in Austria, at the Waldorf Schule  
    and the Klagenfurt Music Conservatory. He was Bette Midler's Musical Director for
    2 years and has performed with several  Grammy and Oscar award winners and
    many internationally acclaimed artists such as: Mark Egan,  Federico Britos,  Bette
    Midler, Neil Sedaca, Robert Duvall, Nestor Torres among many others.
    Agustin Conti

    Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Agustin studied at the
    prestigious E.M.P.A (Escuela de Musica Popular de Avellaneda)
    with Tango masters Rodolfo Mederos, Anibal Arias and Hugo
    Romero. He worked extensively with local and international artists
    before moving to the United States in 2000 to study Jazz at Berklee
    College of Music in Boston, where he graduated Summa Cum Laude
    in 2004.  Since then, Agustin has been an active performer and one
    of the most  versatile, in-demand bass players on the East Coast.
    Equally proficient on Electric and Acoustic bass, his mastery of
    playing different styles from Jazz and Fusion to Latin Jazz or Tango
    has helped him tour in North, Central, South America and Europe.
    Today, he is an established and respected performer, composer,
    recording artist, teacher, band director and master bassist who
    continue to push the boundaries of his art.

    Juan Carlos Lo Yacono

    Pianist, Orchestra Director, Arranger and
    composer. Born in Argentina, graduated as Music
    Professor in the Universidad de Música de
    Buenos Aires. Later on in the United States, he
    obtained a at the Conservatory of Music of The
    Great New at thein Harmony, Arrangements and
    Instruments  York. He has taken his art through big
    stages in Europe, at the Madison Square Garden
    in New York, at the Madison Square Garden in
    New York, the Jackie Gleason Theater in Miami
    and many more.  Juan Carlos has made musical
    arrangements and directed performances of
    renowned stars.
Miguel Arrabal

Miguel began his career as a  musician in
houses of Tango where singers and groups
of high reputation met. Some of the artists
that Miguel has performed with are Carlos
Peralta, Miguel Montero, Horacio Deval and
Astor Piazzola.  Broadway has enjoyed  his
talent under the direction of the great Astor
Piazzola. Miguel participated for a long time
as Musical Director of the Festival Tango
Fantasy of the city of Miami in the U.S.A.
and continues as Musical Director for many
Tango events.

Alfredo Lerida
Tango Lovers
Enamorados del Tango
Tango dance
Tango Music